Ranch Information

Our Goal

At Moore Ranch, our goal is to help our customers make more profit by furnishing high performance bulls to increase the weaning weights and eye appeal of their calves.

Our Business Strategy to Achieve Goal

We believe that a herd sire should be selected based on actual performance data. All of our bulls have completed a closely monitored 112-day on premises performance test. They are ranked on average daily gain, conformation, length, height, and scrotal size.

During the test, bulls are fed a specially formulated high roughage ration. Any bull that does not meet our standards is culled before the bulls are offered for sale. This ensures that the bulls our customers select from are the best of the best. All bulls are conditioned on pasture and are ready to work.

To maintain the quality and health of our herd, we grow our own replacement heifers. We add new blood and vigor to the herd by purchasing top performing sires from the Oklahoma Beef, Inc. Test Station managed by Oklahoma State University. These superior quality sires breed our cows naturally. We do not artificially inseminate. From our experience, these calves nearly always have better growth statistics than available by A.I.

Our bulls are sold by private treaty. We are glad to spend time with our customers and help them select a bull to meet their individual needs. We understand that the selection of a herd bull is often the most important decision a rancher will make to achieve a good profit.


Bulls are priced according to index ranking and appearance. Prices range from $1750 to $3500.

Our Guarantee

All of our bulls are guaranteed for fertility and ability to breed cows. If a bull is defective, we will replace him with a bull that is satisfactory to the buyer or refund the purchase price. Requests for adjustments or refunds must be made within 90 days of purchase.

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