Angus and Brangus Bulls

Since 1957, Moore Ranch has been a top producer of high quality breeding bulls for ranches all over the country. Located 10 miles south of Bristow, Oklahoma, Moore Ranch is recognized for raising and index testing breeding bulls with premium bloodlines and traits. Our registered Angus and certified Brangus bulls are all born here at the ranch from a closed herd of our own superior stock. After participating in a 112-day growth test, bulls are indexed and ranked according to test results.

With an emphasis on high weaning weights and high yearling weights, our breeding program produces fast gaining cattle with exceptional body height and length. We feed an exclusive high fiber ration that boosts test performance and produces beautiful, healthy animals.

As members of Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association, Oklahoma Angus Association, and American Angus Association, we are proud to support the beef cattle industry.

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